Thursday, May 23, 2013


The players:


  1. MySQL Database Connector [2005-10-10] by Robert Almgren on FEX with additional information at his site at the NYU Courant Institute of Math Sciences.
  2. MySQL Connector: mYm [v1.36 2010-05-19] by Yannick Maret with many additional files by Dimitri Shvorob
    Access a MySQL database
    A Powerful Sidekick: Using MySQL for High-Volume Data Manipulation in Matlab
    MySQL shortcut files by Carrie Wall
  3. queryMySQL [2012-06-22] by Jonathan Karr
  4. Myblob [2006-01-09] by Joerg Buchholz
  5. java.sql why not use native Java? Always the right solution with MATLAB right?
  6. .NET SqlConnection class

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