I am ...
  • the father of two awesome tykes with boundless energy & thirst for adventure.
  • the husband of the most beautiful & hysterically funny woman on earth.
  • an engineer, researcher & computer modeler in the renewable energy sector.
  • a graduate of UC Berkeley & Boston University mechanical engineering programs.
  • a returned Peace Corps volunteer, teaching high school math & science in Tanzania.
  • a former high school teacher in Bay Area high schools.
  • a nearly native San Franciscan.
  • a graduate of Lowell High School.
  • a rock climber.
  • a runner of East Bay hills.
  • a mediocre guitar player & crooner.
  • a lover of outdoors & natural beauty, hiking, backpacking, skiing/riding, biking, both in bounds and out, on road and off, but not a big fan of bush-wacking.
  • a city boy.
  • an avid & compulsive reader of fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, human-drama & classics.
  • on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, Instagram, Flickr & Blogger.
  • a part time amateur hacker on Github, BitBucket & Google (Android) Play.
  • loud, loquacious, silly & energetic.
  • a hard worker.
  • socially progressively, fiscally moderate, a proud democrat & Obama supporter.
  • environmentally conscious, focused on stewardship of earth, land, sea & air.
  • a devout supporter of human rights, dignity & equality for all genders, sexual orientations, races, ages, nationalities and citizenship.
  • a believer in the ethical treatment of animals.
  • a believer in education & free media.
  • a lover of travelling, learning languages & about other cultures.
  • a believer in space exploration.
  • a liberal foody & boozer.
  • a lover of children, plants & animals.
  • middle aged.
  • Cuban American non-practicing Jew.
  • completely deaf in my right ear.
  • a man.

Curriculum Vitae

For a list of publications, my work experience and educational background, please see my CV.

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