Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Compile binutils on your phone with C4Droid

1. Make your sdcard executable by remounting it as rw, and therefore removing noexec flag.
2. After wget binutils-2.22.tar.gz and extracting it, change shebangs in configure, missing, install-sh and mkinstalldirs to #!/system/bin/sh.
3. I made a shell script in /data/local/bin/ that creates TEMP and TMP environmental variables equal to GCCROOT/tmpdir and then runs arm-linux-androideabi-gcc with any args passed. You could also use a symbolic link or add GCCROOT to your path. Either way do the same for make, ar, as, ld and strip.
4. Run ./configure --prefix=/data/local/ SHELL=/system/bin/sh MAKE_SHELL=/system/bin/sh CFLAGS=-fno-short-enums
5. Forgot to mention patches. (a) unistd.h getpagesize macro isn't detected, so comment out redundant definition in getpagesize.c (b) time returns time_t pointer so cast it from int in archive.c (c) bucomm.c calls mkdtempwhich is never declared in bionic so add extern char * mkdtemp(char * path) to bucomm.h (d) there's one other type mismatch but I can't remember where.
6. Run make and make install and Viola!

How to remove noexec flag from your sdcard

Run mount -o remount, rw /mnt/sdcard/. This will also work on any external storage,  Even an internal mmc card. It won't survive a restart. You could try to modify your vold fstab file. Or add the commands to your .bashrc or profile and reverse it in .bashlogout. You may need to use /storage/sdcard0 or sdcard1 depending what ROM you are running.

Note this will not work on a fuse file system, which unfortunately is the new norm on many new smartphones (EG: Motorola RAZR HD).

Do Not Format Android External Storage

Anything but vfat! If you do Android will not mount any of your external storage and consequently any apps on York sdcard will be unusable until you reformat the offending card, which could actually be internal, back to vfat fs. Unfortunately busybox mkdosfs is broken so the only way to do this without advanced is to use newfs_msdos which just works. This means that you will never be able to make hard or symbolic links from or on your sdcard.

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