Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bugs Everywhere

[UPDATED 2013-05-30]

This is pretty nifty tool. It still needs some work, but I like how lightweight it is. Perfect for local repositories.
I built this in a virtualenv, with site packages by downloading the tarball and using pip. I installed the dependencies in my base Python install.
Jinja-1.2 can use vcvarsall.bat to speed up, so make sure you have VS2008C++ installed. Python will find it automatically (it looks for VC9 - Visual C++ 9.0). MinGW gcc will also do, but not VS2010 (or I assume VS2005). You will need to edit distutil.cfg in /lib/distutil to use mingw gcc, link, but VC9 works automatically with 2.7. If you are on an x64 Windows machine see building Python extensions for x64 with pip. PyYaml also wants to build c-code. I used the windows installer in my base Python installation. If you can't build it using Windows SDK-7 check Christoph Gohlke's site.

Check out this post to see how to enable an editor when using bugs-everywhere with msysgit.

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