Friday, April 5, 2013

root permission on VZW DROID RAZR HD

[UPDATED 2012-04-09]
Matt Groff has updated Droid RAZR HD Utility to version 1.20, it includes Dan's motochopper and Motopocalypse a new custom CWM recovery by Hashcode (of safestrap).
Also my phone's touchscreen recently stopped working, out of the blue. I know, very sad, but it was still under warranty so I sent it back - but first I reused Matt's awesome utility to wipe it and reinstall the stock system, kernel, radio and recovery.
I know there are numerous sites that provide the details to unrooting your XT926 (download stock rom, edit xml to remove getvar, install RSD-lite and flash while in fastboot) but Matt's utility takes care of all of that in a single download with a few button clicks.

[UPDATED 2012-04-09]
Dan Rosenberg has cracked the Motorola bootloader for rooted phones only. Hopefully this will be followed by a rash of awesome new ROMS for the RAZR HD.
Today I rooted my Verizon Wireless DROID RAZR HD (JB 4.1.1). This was unbelievably easy to achieve namely thanks to two individuals: djrbliss and mattlgroff.  djrbliss discovered the kernel exploit that he calls motofail2go. I used mattlgroff's Droid RAZR HD Windows Utility 1.10, and the bundled windows drivers, which were insanely easy to follow. Almost a one click root. Verbatim from mattlgroff's xda post:
  1. Fastboot Restore 0.6.25 (ICS 4.0.4 Official Software) - just click
  2. Root for ICS 4.0.4 by djrbliss (motofail2go method) - this involves triggering a bug by pressing several keys at once and a unique vibrate signals the bug report was triggered
  3. Install Voodoo's OTA Rootkeeper App by supercurio - more important than you will ever know
  4. Install Safestrap 3.05.17 App by Hashcode - useful for keeping a stock ICS rom, or trying batakang.
After obtaining root permissions, use Voodoo to "protect root" and then "temp unroot". Now go to settings, about phone and software update. Take all of the OTA's. Do not make any changes to your phone's stock rom until all of the OTA's have installed. Finally go back to Voodoo and "restore root". Q.E.D. For even more detail see Matt's "Best" methods.

Note that once the latest JB 4.1.2 is installed Motorola or Verizon have made it impossible to revert to ICS 4.0.4. Unfortunately this also means that if you have already upgraded you will not be able to "root" your phone (until Motorola releases the bootloader unlock codes).

Also note you are asked to wipe your phone before reverting, and it's probably a good idea, so back up your phone first. Both your internal memory and your sdcard are wiped.

What does root get you? Well not much actually. WiFi tether is now mostly free or you can use OpenGarden or FoxFi. Koush has made a rootless tether. There are only a few roms but the obvious biggy is CM10.1 which is unofficially released for razr hd installed on safestrap, since the bootloader is still locked. Then there's also batakang. I guess the main thing you get is a sense of control over something that you purchased and belongs to you. Pretty vague. Or you could go crazy and start hacking into your phone. I've done worse.


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