Saturday, April 6, 2013

build python packages with VS2008C++

[UPDATED 2013-04-06]

So you wanted to install jinja (1 not 2) and you typed:
you@box $ pip install jinja
but pip complains, "uh-oh, couldn't find vcvarsall.bat?" Check SO quick. What, Python uses Visual Studio to compile package binaries? True, and it only uses Visual Studio 2008 C++, not VS2010 or VS2012, although you can use MinGW or MinGW-w64 GCC too. But I am already running msysgit, and I don't want another MSYS installation. Don't bother - using mingw/mingw-w64 is a much tougher row to hoe! Check out this newer post on building C-extensions on windows. This will solve all of your problems, and doesn't require you to install any version of the behemoth visual studio!

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