Monday, November 7, 2016

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Pandas Offset Aliases

Memorize this table - or just bookmark this link: Pandas Offset Aliases

Offset Aliases

A number of string aliases are given to useful common time series frequencies. We will refer to these aliases as offset aliases (referred to as time rules prior to v0.8.0).

Alias Description
B business day frequency
C custom business day frequency (experimental)
D calendar day frequency
W weekly frequency
M month end frequency
SM semi-month end frequency (15th and end of month)
BM business month end frequency
CBM custom business month end frequency
MS month start frequency
SMS semi-month start frequency (1st and 15th)
BMS business month start frequency
CBMS custom business month start frequency
Q quarter end frequency
BQ business quarter endfrequency
QS quarter start frequency
BQS business quarter start frequency
A year end frequency
BA business year end frequency
AS year start frequency
BAS business year start frequency
BH business hour frequency
H hourly frequency
T, min minutely frequency
S secondly frequency
L, ms milliseconds
U, us microseconds
N nanoseconds

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