Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bootstrap & Syntax Highlighting

Bootstrap is probably the hottest web framework out there right now, but try using it with the extremely popular SyntaxHightlighter by Alex Gorbatchev, which I wrote about in syntax sensation. There are at least two issues:

  1. Y scrollbars appear for no reason and
  2. there is a conflict between Bootstrap's and SyntaxHighlighter's .container class.

Enter our latest contenders:

These are both extremely light and fast but offer somewhat more quality than google pretify which I also mentioned in syntax sensation. One thing I will say about both of these is that looking at the resulting DOM, highlight.js prepends hljs- to all of its classes, almost like a namespace, so that it's unlikely that there will ever be conflicts with any other plugin. highlight.js has many languages and styles while Prism has many extra plugins like line-numbers that you can add to your build from their download page. Finally both of these new syntax highlighter's conform to the <pre><code class="language-blah"></code></pre> style that evidently is the standard for putting code into HTML documents. Who knew? SyntaxHighlighter only uses <pre class="brush: blah"></pre> which is non-standard, I guess. Nit-pick much?

Check out for yourself how Bootstrap interacts with each syntax highlighter in the iframe below, or click the link to open in a new tab. The option menu on the right side of the navbar lets you choose which syntax highlighter to see. The template is Bootstrap's theme example which you can return to by clicking the brand on the left side of the navbar. Since highlight.hs comes with 49 styles, you can peruse them from the dropdown menu. Let me know if you find anything amiss anywhere. Of course you will see the extra y-scrollbar in the SyntaxHightlighter rendition.

Bootstrap & Syntax Highlighting 3-Way

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