Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fix vcvarsall.bat to install Python-2.7 x64 extensions with v90 instead of sdk7

[UPDATE 2014-11-13] Free x86 and AMD64 (x86-64) VC90 c-compilers for Python-2.7 are now available from Microsoft. The free VC90 compilers can be used to install package source that contains c-extensions using either pip, setuptools or distutils. For example, pip install dulwich will build and install the Python Git implementation which contains several speedups as c-extensions.

Previously in order to install Python-2.7 packages with extensions on my 64-bit Windows-7 machine, I have been using the Windows SDK-7 shell and setting the target and some environmental variables manually. What a drag! Then a few days ago, I discovered that the reason vcvarsall.bat has been complaining that it can't find my x64 compilers, even tho they are right there in my Visual Studio 2008 VC folder is because the path the the batch file that sets up the environmental variables for the x64 compiler was wrong. In fact all of the paths were wrong except for vcvars32.bat.

I posted a patch in this Gist:

Now to install packages that include extensions, EG: Dulwich, I just use pip install -U dulwich and easy peasy!

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