Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tkinter Taylor Solder Spy - Hidden Tk Python Modules

Why is tkFileDialog not listed anywhere in the Python reference? On windows 7 it looks like this:
If you were using Tk, which I guess nobody is, why wouldn't you want to know about this? If youhit tab after typing tk in an ipython interpreter, you should see all of these tk dialogs.
tkColorChooser tkCommonDialog tkFileDialog   tkFont         tkMessageBox   tkSimpleDialog
There are also these modules
Tkconstants Tkdnd
but Tkconstant is already imported by Tkinter, and Tkdnd is experimental drag-n-drop, not sure how old it is or if it was every re-categorized as stable. Anyway, the tk modules are all listed on Lundh's effbot and pythonware sites, upythonic wiki, a New Mexico Computer Science website and epydoc's sourceforge Python stdlib directory.

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