Friday, November 9, 2012

Shell binaries needed for virtualenvwrapper

[UPDATED 2013-02-07]

You will need fmt from coreutils, make and mktemp. You also need iconv and intl libraries. Your best bet in Git bash is to install base MSYS* (part of MinGW) and then copy or link those files from /c/mingw/msys/1.0/bin/ to your Git bash home bin folder ~/bin since it will always be first on its PATH.

Do not use GnuWin32 because mktemp is broken (see bug), you don't need all 99 coreutils binaries (just fmt) and ideally you want binaries compiled for a POSIX environment (Git bash is built with MSYS),  although the gnuwin32 make binary does work in Git bash, and so does fmt. See my post for the differences between MinGW, MinGW-w64 and GnuWin32.

Coincidentally, make will also be useful for building HTML and pdftex from Sphinx rst files.

*Since, like many other MS Windows users, I've been migrated to Windows7 x64, I now recommend using MinGW-w64 instead of MinGW (aka mingw32). See my post on setting up MSYS home for virtualenvwrapper for more info.

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