Monday, July 30, 2012

Nano editor for windows

There are 2 binary versions of nano (gnu Pico), a replacement for vim. The one on the gnu nano site is built with Cygwin, and comes with several Cygwin dlls. The other is built with MinGW, and has many syntax files, which is truly cool.
Both have great color, and are nearly identical. But have the same issues, when called from a shell, (1) window can't be resized, and (2) after closing nano it erases whatever was in the shell previously, and leaves behind some garbage. Vim doesn't do this, and nano doesn't either on Linux.
I tried to compile it myself with mingw32, but there are several patches which you can find online, so I gave up and tried a different approach. I made q small bash script that is s windows START command to open a new shell with a preset size. It works for editing, but doesn't work with Git.

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