Thursday, May 24, 2012

apple in my eye

[UPDATE 2013-04-06]

I should have started this list ages ago.

Yes, you are so sleek, ouch you cost so much money, wow Facetime, but really, you can't copy an audio CD, or even a data CD for that matter, without jumping through hoops? Oh don't worry, apple's infinitely better by 50MMM in profits lossless format, which is only 50MB per song, so much smaller than the raw format, is what I should rip all of my music to so I can have like 6 songs on my, oh only works on Ipod or Ipad, Ihole. Point is, I have to go through 3 ridiculous steps to do something that should only take one step.

Number #1: Can't duplicate an audio CD.

P.S. It goes without saying that of course Ubuntu flavored Linux does this piece of cake - all I had to do was put it in my machine and Ubuntu asks, "Want to copy CD? Play it? Want a martini?" Why yes and all of the above, and yet you do this with zero profit? How so? I will love Linux til the day I die.

Brasero is the Linux app that does this, thanks to the thankless folks at GNOME.

P.P.S. Download Burn. It works. Now I'm lovin it.

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