Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cygwin Ports

Updated (2012-03-19): Okay, I apologize for using Poquito Picante as a clipboard, but when I found Cygwin Ports I was super excited, especially when I saw Meld (see Meld Magic) and GtkSourceview which is used by Meld. I had been trying to build Meld for Cygwin, and in general trying to figure out what the value of Cygwin is in the age of virtualization and Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE and other pop Linux distros.
But, although Cygwin Ports has amassed a large number of ports (awesome!), mostly GNOMEGTK+ & KDE, I personally couldn't deal with the terribly slow download speed from their ftp (maybe another mirror is faster?). More than once it timed out. Although they've added a blog and their code is in git on sourceforge, the mailing list for issues is not searchable, there is no issue tracker and IMHO support was generally lacking (sorry!).
So I went back to stock Cygwin, and lo and behold, magically I was able to build meld all on my own. See Building Meld for Cygwin.

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