Sunday, August 14, 2011


I must be fun-challenged, because while everyone else is lapping up carny food and gawking over watercolored bears and jewelry made from scrap flatware, I'm completely miserable. I'm irritated that I've spent gobs of money on crap. To me the whole thing is a sham. The idea of carny food always sounds delicious, but the reality is usually grossly-overpriced over-glorified gut-busting greasy garbage. The bands are fine, I love music, so the free fairs have at least got that, but I haven't been wowed enough by carny music to justify paying. And pay dear. Movies at the Parkway (RIP) were cheaper! I guess the only thing I like is the people watching. And as a kid I remember liking the rides. Maybe I've got to just suck it up and pretend to have fun for the kids. But honestly I'd rather be outside, walking, not choking my arteries, relaxing, enjoying nature for free. Ah, that sounds nice.

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